Why can I still see the ad?

  • Some applications may temporarily cache some ads, and need to wait for the cached ads to expire. This process takes about an hour. You can also try to kill the advertised app. Please make sure AdBlock Plus is turned on, otherwise it may be Will affect ad blocking.
  • The advertisements and web content of some applications are the same network api, and this part of the advertisement cannot be blocked.
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How to protect AdBlock from being disabled by the system

In some cases, apps won’t stay in the background (“alive” or in a sleep mode) due to Android OS optimization function, or so called “battery save mode” — this function can kill background applications. It may be inconvenient to relaunch them each time they are getting closed. To avoid the background app termination you need to follow these steps which we described separately for each manufacturer (version) of Android OS. Note that instructions for different manufacturers are mostly very similar.

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